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Welcome to The Ethical Diamond Ring Co.


Ethical diamond engagement rings, diamond rings & loose diamonds from The Ethical Diamond Ring Company, your source of ethical conflict neutral diamonds. More about us...

The diamonds in our ethical diamond engagement rings are Triple-Certified© and Conflict Neutral™. The combination of three certificates gives the ultimate assurance of quality and ethical trade, giving you the best product in a world of conflict. Our ethical diamonds and ethical diamond engagement rings are available worldwide, loose or mounted as individual high quality diamond rings.



Certificated Engagement Rings









Choose your own Triple Certified diamond engagement ring. Select your diamond by cut, colour, clarity and carats. Choose the ring style perfect for you or ask about our bespoke design service for your own custom made engagement ring.

We are Platinum ring specialistsPlatinum Specialists. We can tailer an ethical diamond engagement ring to your specific requirements. See our engagement ring styles for a selection of the diamond engagement ring styles available. The diamond ring styles shown are a handpicked selection reflecting the most popular styles at this time. However, numerous other styles of diamond engagement ring are available and as we have our own workshop we can produce custom designs as desired. All of our conflict neutral ethical diamond engagement rings have a full english hallmark and have a lifetime quality guarantee. The independent valuation which is part of our Triple-Certified© programme provides an extra assurance of quality.

As part if the diamond industry we believe that we have a responsibility to try to affect a change in the potential for diamonds to be used in the illegal arms trade. In addition to only using non blood diamonds we also donate a proportion of our profits from each diamond engagement ring or loose diamond sale to a variety of independent effective charities through the Conflict Neutral programme. This is a concept we originated in our desire to be certain of the ethical status of the diamonds we sell. We realised that the checks and measures in place only apply to uncut diamonds and that it is impossible to identify any given diamond as conflict free. Also, by fostering a demand for diamonds their value is raised. This increases their potential for illegal trade; indeed around 100 million US dollars worth of diamonds are still traded illegally for arms each year. To try to compensate for this we set up the Conflict Neutral program where a donation is made with each diamond engagement ring or loose diamond we sell and this money is given to projects working in appropriate areas. Visit the Conflict Neutral website for more information.

To learn about diamonds and what to look for when you are buying your ethical diamond engagement ringclick here. Learn how engagement rings are made here. Click here for FAQ's